All Vitamins Inc. is a Canada based young organization, distributing a range of high-quality brands in all categories of lifestyle, natural health, wellness, and sports nutrition through an Omni – channel distribution covering traditional Retail (Brick & Mortar) stores (Pharmacies, Independent Resellers and Chain of Retailers), Online Retailers, and also sells direct to consumers. 

Biobolics Nutrition: Includes a range of sports nutrition & supplements being sold across Asia (Far East & Middle East) and Africa (mainly Northern region). This Biobolics product range is sold through a distribution & retail network in these regions. We are also developing a range of Vitamins & Minerals within this Brand, currently under approvals in Canada – once approvals are received, we will launch this range in Canada, followed by the US, and then in other markets globally.

Rite Stevia : A sub-brand (under the Biobolics umbrella brand) offers a range of stevia-based sweeteners in different packaging. 

Rite Stevia Sweetener is a natural blend of extract and water. It does not contain any Carb or Calories and accordingly has a Glycemic Index (GI) of Zero, hence does not cause spike in blood sugar levels. Rite Stevia sweeteners can be used in beverages and foods like tea, coffee, juices, dairy products, syrups and condiments. Since these are heat-stable, pH-stable and not fermentable, can be used in baked goods.

Available in 100 Sachets Box, 50ml Drops, 100 Tablets and 280g Powder Jar.